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May. 31st, 2006


09:46 am

šis ievadteksts tiešām pievērsa uzmanību,

“Usagi, my dearest! Come and have some cake!” Usagi is glad to Oblige. Taking a Bite she realized it was poisoned!1 And she falls Down into a Dark, Black, lonely obliviun.

Suddenly, Serina was jerked awake by the Sound of a thunderclap from the thundering Thunderstorm outside her BedRoom window She Squeals in terrer. “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah (giant waterfalls of tears and water)” she cried. Usagi’s mother Ikucko Mama came in to comfort. Her. “My Serina! It’s only rain go to Sleep!” and Serina tried to go back to sleep when she woke up it was morning Again. She remembers her dream a Little but tries not to remember it. But she still Thinks about it. It scares her and she goes to take a Shower but she didn’t bring any cloths with her so she walked around her house Nakid. “OHMIGAWD” she yells as she bumped into Derryan whose in her house to bring her some muffens Shes still nakid and he shields his eyes But doesn’t look away since hes hentai liek that. “MAMO! GOAWAY!” she yells at him and ran away into her bedroom Luna is sitting on the bed, licking he rpaws and Shaking her head at Serina who is nakid and angry at Derryan for peking at her without cloths. “Sailor Scouts have to be dignified, princess You are no dignified princess at all you are Nakid!” she scoves at Serina. Serina throws a stuffed pink bunny with floppy ears and a pretty pink button nose and shiny black eyes at her cat Luna. She is very angry. Derryan is outside her door. “Goman Nee, Usagi-chan! I thought you brought cloths in with you to shower but I guess not I brought muffens for you” he tried to apologize but Serina is mad anyway. She was still very angry. Even the Nagaverse hadnever seen her nakid. (AN: But RELLEH it haz if you read my LEMON FANFIC OMG ITZ SO HAWT. BUT REALLY NOT IN THIS STORY THEY HASN’T) Ikucko Mama came up the staris to see what was going on. Mamo offers her a muffen but instead she wants to know what was going on since that;s why she came up the Stairs at all but Serina is locked in her room yelling about being nakid and Mamo looks awkward with a armful of muffens How did he get in the house she wonders? She just Left because nothing seems suspicious to her at all even though Derryan got in the house somehow and she doesn’t Know how but she leaves anyway because shes a busy Mom. Spooky Derryan’s eyes turn glowy red with suspicious evil. Usagi cant see cus shes in her room yelling. About being nakid. Luna doesn’t know either cus shes in the room too. Suddenly walls crumble and Darin becomes a YOMMA with POISON CUPCAKES like SERINA:S DREAM BUT ONLY A LITTLE DIFFERENT SINCE HER DREAM WAS ABOUT CAKE. BUT MUFFENS AREJUST LITTLE CAKES ANY WAY RITE!1 Serina jumps into action and MOONPRISMPOWWERS it up but its faster since she’s already nakid. But wait! She cant use any of her powers why? Oh no! because she doesn’t have enough happy comments so leave lots of props and comments so she can fight evil MOMO with his GLOWY RED EYES and MUFFENS.


Jā, vai nu tā persona, kas šo uzrakstīja bija 11-gadīgs pokemons ar garīgiem traucējumiem, vai arī kāds ļoti labi māk tos attēlot.

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