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21st July 2003

1:03pm: Idiot
Originally a private individual as opposed to one with his snout in the public trough. The notion of diminished mental capacity was a result of the politicians conception of the voters as stupid and as sheep to be shorn. The word idiot became so tainted that it was applied to persons with diminished mental capacity and today is so tainted that its use is frowned on even for that purpose. The pejorative sense of idiot has been well established for two thousand years. Idiot appears in the New Testament in both the sense of a private person and an ignorant person. The only surviving untainted idiot words are; idiolect, idiom, idiomatic, idiomorphic, idiopathic, idioplasm, and idiosyncrasy. The only reasonable use left for the once noble word idiot is to apply it to the very class it once excluded and which is responsible for its fall from grace, the politicians.
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