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    Thursday, February 7th, 2008
    10:32 am
    dzejolis par ekonomikas teoriju
    lūk, entuziasts ir izvēlējies dzejoļa formu savas domas paušanai. ar to viņš piedalās diskusijā par neo-klasiskās ekonomikas paradigmas dominējošo ietekmi un alternatīvu skatpunktu ierobežotās iespējas tiks saklausītiem.

    viņa ievads:

    as a marxist i have been on the receiving end
    of the attack i'm about to launch at the neo classical paradigm

    nosaukums (presumably):

    it can't be refuted


    and of course dear tombo here
    is trying to say alternative formalisms
    might be more fruitful
    i doubt a scrap job
    is worth it
    why lose the practical value of a a shared formalism
    for the field
    just to make a class view point
    a little reconstruction
    of the present paradigm
    labels ,distinctions etc
    can yield this ...if wanted

    the paradigm per se
    like any paradigm
    no content
    its an instrumentality
    and until that instrumentality
    collapses under its own conflicting "results "

    ---and it hasn't ---

    or runs up against a reality it dare no longer ignore or assume away

    -- it has (the great depression) ---

    it can't reform itself to deal with effectively

    ---- god bless keynes ---

    it will serve

    ---at least to the extent it's seen as such ..a shared formalism and not reified -----

    a dynamic evolving but by necessity
    radically incomplete set
    of theorems and the assumptions
    they require
    and more centrally as a science
    the various conflicting interpretations
    of these formalisms

    the great leap from analytics to abduction
    ie to "model" claims

    taken as a totality
    these formalisms
    are often obviously mutually contradictory
    of course they are
    the field develops thru the eruption
    of inconsistent conclusions
    as much as model failure

    big deal what's new here
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