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[Jun. 10th, 2017|07:36 pm]
Today I went for a yoga practice.
At first, it was quite difficult to find the place, as it was somehow hidden. You have to go through some gates, which leads to a backyard with several doors into another building - 7b. I accidentally almost broke into a stranger's flat, because I saw only two doors, so I tried both, none of them was the right one. But one was open and their dog started barking at me. Here no one is locking their doors. No one is afraid of thieves. People who are trying to stay cautious are getting dogs. ManĀ“s best friend.

At the point where I almost lost faith in finding this mysterious yoga practice, and consider, it's in Narnia or another dimension, or am I blind? A girl, who was pushing her bicycle, came into the backyard. I asked her if she knows, where is the yoga practice and she pointed at a tiny basement door, that I never noticed and that was surrounded by candles.

I entered the tiny door and I was the very first guest apparently. Later other people joined and the yoga practice lasted for approx 1 hour, in which I was sweating like crazy(Who says yoga is easy, please, first try it) and felt like giving up like 5 times. But there is no better feeling, then at the end of the practice when you feel so relaxed and relieved... And proud that you actually managed.

After that, we drank some matcha tea and chatted a bit. Which was cute. But I somewhat expected to see in this event people that are more happy and harmonious. Because that is what I am trying to achieve and learn. They were bragging about water in here, which is making your hair very dry and talking about how much coffee they consume. But that is also a way that leads to progress, first be aware of the problem... But maybe I expected something else after yoga. Or maybe I have some other things on my mind afterward. Look around, the world is beautiful and be here, be now, blabla. Should have left most likely, but I never know what to do in such awkward situations and somewhat slipping through the door unnoticed or awkwardly saying bye to everyone is just... too much.
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