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Februāris 26., 2021

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08:49 - : harward business review

  Men are encouraged to… Women are encouraged to…
Vision Set the vision
Focus on being visionary and think about the “big picture.”

“Forget the details and look to the longer term.”

“More focus on national and regional agendas […], leading to a strategic rather than operational review.”
Focus on delivery
Focus on operational tasks; execute other people’s vision and develop expertise in narrow specializations.

“[Develop] broader knowledge of finances and how they work…[and] of the procedures.”

“Needs to have better analytical abilities with complex issues.”
Political Skills Leverage politics
Anticipate political considerations and proactively leverage politics to influence and network upward.

“Build broader alliances with those who hold power.”

“Develop politics as a ‘language.’ Knowing the plethora of interdependent relationships around him will enable him to use his skills to develop politically.”
Cope with politics
Toughen up, reduce tensions, and “cope” with office politics; network horizontally.

“More resilience in dealing with the nastier political types is needed.”

“Her Achilles’ heel as a group leader is letting the others’ jibes get to her.”
Asserting Leadership Claim their space
Be assertive in pursuing leadership ambitions.

“Would benefit by taking a more prominent role.”

“He needs to be given more responsibility to broaden his experience. The ability is all there; he just needs the opportunity to develop.”
Get along
Be cooperative and deferential in exerting leadership.

“Learn to work collaboratively; treat people with respect.”

“Does not suffer fools gladly; could develop better tolerance techniques.”
Confidence Display more confidence
Develop confidence in specific skill sets and “display” it — confidence is framed as fixable.

“While a confident person, he will sometimes not express arguments or positions forcefully enough.”

“Become more confident and prominent in the leadership role, being able to debate more forcefully while retaining control.”
Be more confident
Female leaders’ lack of confidence is described as an inherent, general flaw, without actionable advice.

“Needs to be a bit more confident and have a bit more self-belief.”

“She lacks the confidence that she should have in herself and her judgmen

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