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[02 Sep 2015|02:08pm]

"Since we were founded in 1796, we’ve safely navigated over 40 crises: the 1929 Wall Street Crash, two World Wars, the Dot Com bubble, the 2008 financial crisis and more. Well over two centuries of uninterrupted activity in the world’s financial markets have taught us that crises are the norm, not the exception. So we factor them into all our planning and decisions."

"Instead of asking how much you want to earn from your investment, we ask what is the maximum amount you are prepared to lose. We then translate this into a risk budget and calculate a return target based on the concept of expected shortfall: the average loss that a portfolio would experience in the worst year out of twenty. When the value of a portfolio falls, we adjust its exposure to cushion the losses."

Jaalielaas, ka paardziivo kriizi. Taa jau ir, stipraakais izdziivo, Lehman Brothers nee.
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