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[03 Feb 2016|12:42pm]

¨Some of you reading right now would be better off being required to follow established rules, traditional or heuristic, when it comes to how you live so that you reach your potential and keep yourself out from harms way, at least until you are able to build the high wall defenses in your mind to being enslaved.¨
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[30 Jan 2016|09:58am]

¨There is currently no country in the Anglo world or Western Europe where natives are reproducing above the death rate (only France comes close). This means that if it wasn’t for immigration from the third world, these countries would experience a demographic collapse that leads to marginalization of those nations’ power and a decrease in the standard of living for its inhabitants. The elites, therefore, are so desperate for immigrants to stock a nation composed of natives that don’t reproduce (an image of pandas in the zoo come to mind) that they are allowing the poor and destitute to enter even if they show hostility to democratic ideals and assimilation.

I propose that the dominant set of ideologies of the Westequality, multiculturalism, consumerism, individualism, and cosmopolitanismcombine synergistically to halt reproduction and limit population, not unlike wars and diseases in the past. The ideas of Western culture have similar effects on limiting population as the World Wars. How can this be? How can human beings, when organized in large and seemingly rational systems, adopt for so long a maladaptive set of ideas that go against human reproductive potential?¨
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