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Krabis. Desants. RAND. POWER. [19 Jan 2017|10:24pm]

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Vanguard Index Funds Reference [19 Jan 2017|11:52am]

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[16 Jan 2017|01:01pm]

"I think we are moving into a post-NATO environment, so we jolly well need to be able to survive without NATO. The security assumptions of the past 25 years have been fundamentally undermined by the combination of, first of all, low defence spending in Europe"
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Latvia: utterly and thoroughly pwned by FSB :( [15 Jan 2017|12:00pm]

- FSB often uses coercion and blackmail to recruit most capable cyber operatives in Russia into its state-sponsored programmes. Heavy use also, both wittingly and unwittingly, of CIS emigres working in western corporations and ethnic Russians employed by neighbouring governments e.g. Latvia.
In terms of the success of Russian offensive cyber operations to date, a senior government figure reported that there had been only limited success in penetrating the “first tier” foreign targets. These comprised western (especially G7 and NATO) governments, security and intelligence services and central banks, and the IFIs. To compensate for this shortfall, massive effort had been invested, with much greater success, in attacking the “secondary targets”, particularly western private banks and the government of smaller states allied to the West. S/he mentioned Latvia in this regard. Hundreds of agents, either consciously cooperating with the FSB or whose personal and professional IT systems had been unwittingly compromised, were recruited.

Sad, sad, sad. Sliktas ziņas. Satversmes aizsardzības birojs impotents.
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Runas par Eiropas "armiju" [09 Jan 2017|04:22pm]

"EU [has] no authority to discuss matters of national security and intelligence."

"[S]ecurity analysts now view the Baltic Sea as a main theater in a new cyberwarfare arms race."
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[08 Jan 2017|06:17pm]

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