mirkļu rosols

finding myself.

1/26/13 05:13 pm

hype.. spin.. its funny lol

when you are yourself your best friends
will kick you out of the house with all your stuff...

but when you blag it everyone suddenly wants
to speak to you..

its always like that huh.. small print..
well yeah its ok with me..
ive got plenty of tales to tell..

1/19/13 06:46 am

tired so today im gonna learn how to delegate from

and other resourcess.. getting things done
will also provide some sort of roadmap for my current quest
of Venture Capital Funding for my intiatives across south west!

1/19/13 06:38 am


Gallardo 12 months warranty, manual, under 75k + insurance petrol etc, 10 k a year at MOST!
and yeah would help for business meetings as an asset
but most ppl dont see it. like i have to drive a honda civic,
until i produce my first album at 25 nah DONT have to!

paid by the wage im making in my own organizint.
80 who cares about 80 thousand as soon as it becomes just a number!

1/19/13 05:31 am

since my current ex is going to devon.. im gonna be ready to chase some tail..
im thinking THIS GIRL!!

..... link to an image of a stunning sparkling eyes brunette
with a white smile and fragile young vivacity to her face..
shes gorg basically... so i need to dustoff my pickup skills,
and most of all GET PAID!

just stop being a pussy and go out and SELL the SHIT ive made up so far.
Otherwise ill never get to a dbs. get these record deals fucking signed!

producing and beng produced at the same time!

Ive always knowns that pretty girls is big motivation
in life for any dudes.. just knowing that when he seees that pretty lady,
shell most likely wallk of with him not the other dudez heheh :p

1/19/13 04:48 am - and im like damn things change, they dont change so rapidlly time moves on....

source technorati.com/lifestyle/autos/article/love-camaros/page-2/

“Wanna go for a ride?” I asked.

She didn’t say anything; she gave a smile and just hopped in.

We must’ve cruised, conversed and listened to The Beatles, Donovan, The Supremes, Marlena Shaw and The Doors for eons on my Hi-Fi system.

It was actually because of us muscle car owners that there was a “no cruising law” put into effect in town.

We still did it anyway.

..yeah so my mum and dad hippies were opressed and us
younger hippies lovers are also opressed! fact!
why do u think hes got a muscle fucking car douche..!?
its 2013 we got social media, why do we still take shit 25yr olds,
we shouldnt really take any more shit.. im 23.. 2 last years of my life
to do anything with goverment bollox.. all private

1/19/13 04:40 am - excerpt on 1968 Chevy Camaro, Girls, Love, Youth, Shine..

excerpt on 1968 Chevy Camaro Rally SS with a 350 block V8 engine in it

The first time that I saw her was in 1968 – I was beside
myself. I had never seen another like her… I knew in my heart that she was a beast and I didn’t know how I was going to get up the guts to… I just knew I had to have her.

The times we spent together were some of the best in my young life. I was the envy of all of my friends.

''None of them had a 1968 Ch. They all drove something that was the competition – although never as interesting.

It was cruising down the main beat and drag that I met the love of my life – Rae.

When I first saw her, I felt a buzzing in my stomach – kind of a hot feeling. When I looked at her, time seemed to stand still while only she moved.

Like my SS, she too came fully equipped with a phenomenal posture and curves that I wanted so badly to test out – in my SS.

I used to think that it would be a dream for me to own this car – but then it had become a reality.

Rae was the dream girl of every man in town – every man in town was also a victim of the proverbial shotgun with which she used to shoot them down. However, none of them drove what I drove, so in all of my youth and cockiness I felt that anything was possible – and truly believed that I was immortal, even against shotguns.

I roared alongside her, the sound of the engine normally startled most people – it merely caught her attention, few things did.

1/19/13 04:12 am

this is a reminder for myself too..

today after is sleep is going to be devoted to
the editing arranging and contacting potential
business partners in deciding which brands
to feature for our 2013 portfolio.

For Young Gunz Creative Its more about the
cause we support...

At the moment as it stands along other more pressing needs
like shelter etc.. its more UNDERSTANDING,
and WARMTH to each other in community!
after homeless have been housed in an ennivornment
made from love.. then i can organize my
european superbrand.. just around bournemouth..

More precisely - inspired by
young gunz creative , coco chanel, avicci ,dreams, faith, marley, love and more..
all im allowed to say!

Superboy productions with super-jet rocket fueled boost from

..shall launch an innovation on local party landscape,
and be the demi-god translating the code into real life
.. like playing sims only you are the godfather
of the party! a host and a welcoming friend to everybody...registered! heheh
i know what this town needs and im gonna give it to them as soon as i find the right HOUSE!!!!
..and of course a set of reliable investors from leading youth positions,
with their own 2013 power brands!!

work together for the idea, for the unlimited capability, for the collab!
we all do it.. this is basis for unlimited creativity.
In business arena business innovation clarity and voice sells!
People love to be electrified posessed by art music dance song...
people love to lose themselves let go BE REAL WILD RAW!!

thats me hhaa brrinnngggg 2013!!
20 effort for 80% result - is the golden rule

20 effort - 2000% return is the DIAMOND RULE i employ in all my dealings ;)

1/19/13 04:09 am

Now im 3 steps away from being locked up!
BY THE SAME STATE thet told me to get public/private lending education!

cs my friends rejected TOO! and im not happy with dat either!
theres lot of people not doin they jobs on public paycheck.
and too many bustin they ass, mostly lower level executive positions,
for less money than the pimp.

im not happy with someone pimping out
my mum and my family for peanuts.

and I fucking did go to uni,
and ive more than achieved
the expectations of myself
but still got fucked over by
righteous nazi bullies!

from now on like x said show no love to homo thugs..
eradicate the bullies bfore they backstab you
like they always do cs its bully mentality..
pussy niggaz pussy whiteboys..
color dont matter

1/19/13 03:51 am

shotgun business development and rapid accel. strategies :)
..and employees just waiting for the shout!

eerrbodys got cash to splash but shits so boring
nowhere to sink mi cash..
so thats where im gonna come in..
with me 20somethings revolution..
sign the history make the paper..
but keep under the radar.. new only in husthown!
unoficcial platinum debut first selling single
album award motherfuckers!!

its the same game music art art music.. culture scene,
its the spirit of expression love and peace!!!

splash the cash fuck the gash get some more paper
its fun to blow stacks !!!
running on weed we got the speed
speed and weed fit righ through this shit

1/19/13 01:04 am

since me and steph have been getting in on again since the last
time she came around and we spent our last
30£ for a hotel to have sex in, cs she banned me from her house..
love is weird.

spent a couple of nights sleeping in the car since then
cs its cosy and fun.. cops have been knocking about
the window ordering us NOT TO HAVE SEX! immediately.
alto there was clearl nobody around in the field
apart from police vehicle patrol.... fail!

however we were just cuddling.. in the middle of an empty field!
Like i couldnt bare the fact that the rotten attitude of
a BUTCH ugly ass blonde shone a light in the car... and even if we were
to have been having sex! what..!? she wants to see our bits,
cs shes the law! fuck that... its disgraceful and jealous!
that person was clearly not loved, otherwise wouldnt enforce
nazi behaviour towards two teenagers cuddled up in a car
listening to music!

hateful bastards i thought to myself for the countless
time this month..!

..got arrested 18th jan 12.30 for another 24hrs at a time ina a cell!
his time for drivng with no insurance and licence.
yeah motherfucker im poooor! I need to drive the car cunt!

3rd time charged with another 2 offences on top of existing list.

got kicked off uni..- social services fuckup! police fuckup.
mental health care fuckup..

tax for me.. is gone as a concept..
erased. im going to evade..
aggresively evade pursuit..
and make THE people happy.. state can suck
the private industries dick!

1/15/13 06:06 am


The entrepreneurial wunderkinds who find success without higher education “are exceptions to the rule,” says Robert Litan, Vice President of Research and Policy at the Kauffman Foundation. The most successful entrepreneurs are those with multiple real-life experiences, who have personal exposure to markets where opportunities are being left on the table.

1/14/13 01:33 pm

you can reach me on


-website is down due to unpaid bills unfortunately..

1/13/13 05:52 pm - autopilot

Spring is not far.. the earth flowers water people tops smiles are about to unravel..
at least in Bournemouth.. Too many language schools for men not to smile
and gag after my little towns lady residents.
and fair play to all the chicas muchacas guapas amigas lindinhas

I think Bournemouth should brush up its public image,
or even better create one on an international scene.
South west of uk is amazing just the fucking economy
is preventing people to enjoy life and live a little more.
Everyone walks around with a complete poverty mentality,
completely missing the woods, ocean, fresh air,
and warmth to each other. People are used to this town
being used and abused by stag nights, drugs, rowdiness etc.
People are too bitter.

And I seem to be the only one that knows how to turn
it around against set schedule!
its not about politics, not about being a public personality,
rather than just making sure everything is in order where it should be in order
nobodys hurting nobody and the tax is distributed even etc.
action comes from the people, from alliances not bitching and moaning!

people that have balls and are ready to test limits..
in a private stealth airplane hovering under radars
international airspace.. yes far cry off the average office job..
i suppose comic book heroes never existed..pure fantasy..
no indiana jones no book of chronicles bible adam eve..
love space explosion.. apes dinosaurs ruling the earth..
i think our presence can be cross dimensional..
you stop telling the difference between dream and reality
cs everything has liqufied one into another so it becomes a single element..
different energy value. the chemicals are active and neurons cells
and human biology goes wild on us... surprises and miracles
and the stories codes events and us being here
starts to make perfect sense because youve stumbled upon
yet more pieces that form the perfect image of clarity love and bliss..
ultimate state of energy.. hmm i dunno.. maybe.. maybe just for fun lol ;D
just be mccully culkin for the day and show the bad guys where they can go ;)

more guidance and positive initiative from
the local community residents.. action not words..
maybe sandbanks residents with the most yachts and most maybachs
in their saggy ass garage could open up a bit and share the loot!

cs they downtown is hungry! literally hungry iraqi veterans in MY TOWN?
I dont fucking think so.. Help for heroes wheres the dough..
il sue all them fuckers.. privately anonymously.. and see that
these poor bastards left to rot on the street after yet another
usa orchestrated holy war against some smaller weaker nation..

hi we got guns now give us all ur women land and valuables..
yeah fucking amazing deal mr..
''mr prawn munching white boy corporate coward nazi faggot ass pussy banker with a flamethrower
against school buses!'' whos the terrorist motherfucker!?
uniting the nation against a perceived media manufactured enemy is not hared..
playing the game after people realize u and ur pops been pimping out humanity
for the past 4 billion years.. nah.. i dont think ur gene is gonna survive
if there would be a clash mr ricky..

have you seen hobo with a shotgun?
i have.. very stanley kubrick and futuristic even..

however rarely such heroes are found in real life..
chronic alcoholics dont have motivation.
because alcohol is amazing for brain development,
but for pot stims and whatnot you get to rot in jail
with other crude 'gangbangers'!

can i have a book? shutup u have no rights..
guantanamo fucking inspired security systems
in 1st world countries for 1st world people...

unless they bounce back ultimately stronger,
shaped by the experience and feel like theyve been
given a second chance.. this chance.. i need to collect all of them
and disperse accordingly to my friends and anyone on the street who needs one...

cs thats how the worlds is supposed to be anyway!!
wtf company policy you cant give me food?
so nobody gives a fuck! no other choice than
shoplifting - fun but waste of valuable business downtime...

social services have long ago given up on the system,
they just there cs they so used to the job
and automated thinking that they wouldnt know what
to do without the mother CPU manager commanding
the puppets.. robots are robots..

future is operated by robots,
not lazy robots with massive egos, small dicks, large cars,
small hearts, smaller brain, no smell of soul,
the rotten part of our society.. the fowl smelling gangrene
of society, that leeches valuable healing energy that the world
so needs right now.. bad times.. economy can be saved..

mother nature will always do its best
so its strongest offspring flourishes
in all the colours of rainbow
and truly does shine bright morning dinner nighttime hehhe..
see what fitty and robyn think on this topic..

also need to check out and see what it says about 89 year snakes online..
its my year after all innit.. I have 2 snakes in my team so far,
the cards show me all jokers.. turns out the deck is printed just jokers..
cant lose with infinite jokes and luck on my side.. (:


1/13/13 04:05 pm

ok 2 days later ive decided i need to go there! hehe

1/13/13 03:51 pm

too many ideas too little or no believers and investors lol help! :D

1/10/13 02:14 pm

and yes Natalie Coles I am doing your images too hehe..
the girls always so impatient just like me hahaha! :)

1/10/13 02:09 pm

I know why im doing it, for the love, i dont need the attention.
wawawaa.. i just wanna do it just for the sake of doing it.
cs theres nothing else i reallly wanna do with my life

as well as what Mario Testino Vik Muniz Vincent
Peters Avedon Meisel Penn Leibovit..

I just wanna use what Leo left as hes legacy..

Art all I wanna do all day all night is art..
art of creation hehe...

cross discipline..


1/10/13 01:43 pm

yes need to finish writing this diseration soon!
its done.. just need to print.. tutor wont mind if I hand in like this!! hehe
hell just get someoen else to arrrange it into a layout and compose the points in sequence..







4. NLP coaching - developing high performing teams,
and relationships.




6. Science. Technologies pushing the boundaries of modern times.

7. Private-Social Care. private investments into
learning centers for gifted individuals
here in UK :)




3. library - 1 LOVE!

limitless inspirational spiritual resources of positive psychology
self help cbt self belief manuals knowledge
get people dreaming

4. social documentary gallery in TRIANGLE! bournemouth
-install a team of curators, and hold frequent shows.
carpark right next to gallery and library! (good empty spot)

5. Jazz Bar - in bournemouth town ACROSS 60 mil postcards.
empty place. Old peeps and me too and my tutor could bring some shows
some life to this goddam retirement town.. bomo is just tired
needs some LIFE NTO IT

6. Restaurant - Me and my mate Janis have been chef for
past 6 years with training nvqs and experience.
I met Raymond Blanc cs I worked in one of hes places in Marlow hehe
i was the commis chef loll hard work really good training

7. Young Gunz Creative - Integrated Marketing Agency
-design photo media
-guerilla advertising methods
-high success rates!!

dojn a bit of power marketing and WERE THERE!

8. Recruitment


my social project to the world
365 - making a cultural value shift from moaning
to making!


all these companies are up and running and we have an
infrastructure between bournemouth and monaco perhaps for a year

i need to manage the portolio with creative decisions,
im the creative director of all these projects,
at the same time business development manager..


and all of this Needs be DONE IN PEACE.
i need a lawyer the police are harrassing me with sign ons..an whatnot.

ALEX BROLAND - facebook profile with my life lol


flickr - selivanoff

google the same

im really tired but my paypal is here..
ive posted some stuff for sale...

-i cant get that through working for goverment.

so please consider and come back asap.
im so fucked right now litearlly no food hhaa
but im willing to negotiate hehhe :)

1/10/13 01:26 pm - neka interesanta - nothing interesting

LIVE - Sketchbook Page of
Mr Alex Bro'land

i wanna carry on the legacy of
other cool people thay cared about other cool people
and their children and childrens children..

if somebody would have told me i have to carry on someones legacy when i was 12 id be like
fuck you i got my own legacy to carry on and destiny to achieve.. yes in my world every second
of rapid achievement takes me closer to my ultimate destiny.. not other way around..

what is my ultimate destiny -
to TRY....always try my best.. at whatever I do..

what is it that i want to do.. ?
help and save other people, when i can how i can, and have fun and smile while doing it :)

it might be an alien race usa pissed off some 120 years down the line..
yes might be.. but at this point it is not an alien race and it never has been an alien race,
so far the usa military has just fucked indigineous cultures, our own race..
Then it was the indians, then the blacks, the chinks, guatemalans, colombians, the russians..
There has always been something!!! And always will be okay! Because thats the growth strategy!
Its easy, safe and high return.. get in there shoot some foreigners and mission accomplished - liberty served!
Sames police, thugs.. low level low inteligence thugs patroling the beat...
Who do they bring to riot units.. thugs.. cs nobody else wants to join..!
Low level low inteligence rats that do not know how to operate without the master brain..
robots.. im against a whole universe of robots.. sleepers.. zombies..

but ppl are pissed off by now.. soldiers have stories, ive heard them..
seen them on the street experienced.. the ripples, the aftermath of all these wounds,
the universe has suffered from exxploitative rapists in goverment oficcial chairs..
all across there are dictators..
whether you rich or poor, you gotta get this,
you live un-announced, denounced, monarchy democracy it all hipocrasy!
--hehe sounds like a bit of freestyle going on there ;D

---yessss!! u see fucking GOT ANOTHER ONE!! caught it.. got it right here.. thought idea...what is it.. i dunno yet..
tell u now... ok ok the genius is with hahaha... okay here goes..

IDEA NR1 IN THIS DOCUMENT - hhee LATEST ONE! just fresh out the oven..

---I always wanted to make an advertising campaign - video/media/print/publishing
-ANTI - POLICE BRUTALITY - on kids, students, minors, protesters, people real live people.
-ANTI FASCIST STATE - unoficcial name giggidy..

-cinematic set, demonstrate what happens when police piss people off (fights, resisting arrest, stabbings etc)
-or when police LEARN TO THINK and speak like one person to another.. like they wanted to HELP!
not as if they want to FUCK THEM UP FOR BEING A MINOR!!! kid black poor etc...
-so maybe game 50 all these cool people would do portraits together and
link them with moral political leadership messages not just to the kids young ppl adults..
to humanity as such.. i have lot of stuff cooking in there it all just needs to start anyway i know what im doing hhee
i just need some finance equity mentorship deal.. if you know where to geet one tell me.. :)

-so ill contact game 50 and my niggaz from the harlem streets.. they dont kno they my niggaz yet hehhe
but they are.. thats me getting inspiration, energy, motivation through invisible connections of energy!
The look, eyes, personality, music - showing the people that OUR DIFFERENCES IS WHAT MAKES US PERFECT
-thats the whole point.. we are all crazy somehoww fucked up weird whatever we are.. but WE TRY!! OUR BEST!
and here today now I TRY MY BEST! cs im shy also insecure vulnerable bruise easily sensitive etc...
all things get to me.. so sometimes I hold off!!! till the last absolute last moment like now.. when im homeless ;D
to ask someone a simple question - DO YOU WANT TO DO BUSINESS TOGETHER MR? :)

ive not dealt drugs but i know what its like when there is nothing but hopelesness society feeds you..
-and ill work with them on my next project if they want.. probably will. why not..

All the celebrity portraiture Ill do over the next 4 years
will go towards a final project - book editions of most famous influental amazing
examples of human excellence we have around us that have come from nothing..
-giving all that understanding and hope back to the kids that see that book shine through
a window but cant afford it yet so he has to save.. cs he wants it that bad..
cs the kids judgement is instant.. he knows he wants to be like these people when he grows up!
the cool people that show up for themselves no matter and dont take no shit from noone!
LIKE A BOSS! - kids need this attitude, to survive, to have something to hold on to when there is nothing else..
Im not that old.. it wasnt that long ago when ive had my heartaches over stuff like that..
parents school money leaving gcses etc... Yeah I told them ill go to London and in 2 years will have
so much more achieved than sitting in their classroom and being an abiding citizen.. BOOORED!! NEXT!! ;D
So then i did portfolio in london, street photography around oxford street and round town..
Got enough money to print portfolio, edit, shoot, retouch etc.
the computer gear camera.. hard work basicaly on 6pound x 30 a week!! 4 quid return to oxford st on central line
coming from east acton - is where i lived heheeh... 4 quid gone... but who needs food when i got my camera,
and my library and my books.. i was never in east acton the dump, but my east acton.. the home where i lived then..
with my mate for 12 months sharing a double room, it was like uni halls, and it was cool for the time,
but then not a solution..

anyway achieved ALL! and MORE! my past 10 year goals!!!
i would celebrate like crazy for the first time in my life,
but i know I need to finish what I started and send you this letter finally not just keep typing new ones.. lol

-police abuse their powers not just individually but as an organization,
as a goverment tool of power, enforcment, institutionalization i dont even kno how to pronounce this
but you get the point!!! makes me so angry i want to bust up shit, especially when they do it on me,
and my friends FOR NO REASON AT ALL! cs they dumb... cs they wanna get sued.. cs they will be,
as soon as I find someone to front me the legal fees for not detaining the landlord who kicked me out on the street,
has my stuff, said its a civil matter, when my foot was black and blue for 4 weeks,
my crazy bitch girlfriend i still kind of dig calling the police on me cs shes being hateful and naive
and doesnt realize what shes messing with.. my life work... ive been fucked over,
and NOW IM GONNA SUE! I need help with protection, with lawyyer, they just chuck me in there
harass me, and the state lawyer whos supposed to protect me says just agree with everything they say to you..
im like ok, but I still didnt do it u know.. and they get away with handling peple brutally like their meat,
and punishing them in guantanamo bay style accomodaation for 60 hours within 3 days lol..

so yeah wawawawa mmememmeme.. but I allready know much about you u dont know anything about me apart from this
hahah so its funny.. internet is funny..

msg me on


google keywords:
selivanoff photography, aucb, young prince, twitter,
Roland Selivanoff

Alex Bro'land

because the coexistence, warriors call it ancient battle for humanity,
the light and dark, the good and evil, the balance is always there..

sometimes evil prevails yes.. lot of the times it does right in front of us,
in the street, when you see homeless people with nothing wrong with them,
than just few months of hugs, warm tea, music, sunshine, food, always someoene to talk to,
someone to have a laugh with, someone to kiss, to be value by, to feel sense of
identity, worth, belonging...

all these things hurt me personally since I wouldnt got to the lenght to say I had
a tough childhood, because i had clothes, food, warm bed, lots of books, love,
playfulness laughter with my mum..


1. stage
-research contacts well - done with overtime!
-know allready they will say yes - done! eventually
-look up contact details - done!

-define what goes into initial presentation
-SMASH THEM WITH IT! - astound knock em off their feet with MY FIRE!! BOOM!

(this is what you guys teach us anyway.. getting an internship, value of networking)
this time im not simply networking, im reaching out there for a helping hand,
cs down here everyone just tries to pull me back in the shit violently)


my business in my head and in my plans is a corporation
allready.. if i have the finance today, then same time in two years,
well have it back (finance) and the corporation is allready making steady money..
FACT! i can prove it, if i dont have the answer now, ill research and find it,
now or any other day... the point is im supposed to create a corporation
but all ive got is a LEAN PLANNING MODEL and debt and student debt ;D Im not fussed cs I know im working on it - hence
the corporation... however at the minute - no cash, no laptop that works properly,
phone..? nah dont have one, no credit, contract not paid 2 months, no food (sponging off m8s)
no bus money car or family that could help me or lend me cash.. so im fucked..!?
thats what i thought.. well when i was working in kitchens for god knows how many years
to try and create a nice life for me as a kid... cs ive been taught to work HARD! not smart..

im thinkin smart.. and work superhard...
but yeah I need someone to sign me on to buy my ideas enthusiasm.. well u cant buy it
but it comes with everything i do naturally.. and i think going through all
this written un--uniformed off the bat stuff u kinda get it that
yes it is MEEEE!! (hhahaha ;D ) - memememememmeme!!!!!

THAT WANTS TO DO THIS SO BAD!!! Universe allready presented me with all the signs..
with all the guiding light..i had to follow to get me to this point...

by this point, we both allready know that there are no such things as coincidences..
there is a sign a lesson truth.. something to be found in every experience
that touches our own lives...

I saw all the signs, symbols, numbers, history, prophecies come together in front of me..
Im a totally different person than I was yesterday and this keeps lifting me higher
and higher.. being allready lightyears ahead from where i was like.. an hour ago!!!

the flow of clarity is fantastic altho im homeless.. but im not strressed out,
im calm. A sniper cant cap hes mark if he cannot control hes adrenal glands with breathing
and previous harsh experiences that build up a tolerance!

My stamina tolerance persistence enthusiasm luck energy.. all of these are ready to be turned
full on 2000% I NEED REDBULL to get me flying... nneed me some of that magic you cook in your pots..
the older alchemists.. hehhe so I knock on your door and say helllo lovely to meet you finally hhehe
yeah it is isnt it.. feels like home ;) :) magic in the air.. i can smell it right now

1. business

1. Human Excelence studies ahead. im not gonna mention now what is behind...

1.1 Power Brokering - Striking up CEO deals left and right!
1.2 Power Marketing - Running on presold hype! yeah bwoy!
1.3 Black-Hat Life Hacking basics + advanced practice.
1.4 Power Sales
1.5 Creativity. What is it how to use it.
1.6 NLP - Coaching and Leadership for high performance teams development.
1.7 Arhitecture - City infrastructure planning.
Modern innovative green housing projects of the future.
1.8 Professional image analysis and development - theory and practice
1.9 MBA Entepreneurship, Innovation, Finance, Economics, International Politics,
international trade land sea air.


off the bat tho yeh...
if i look into this i can come up with a better list.

digital print publishing, web/media/web2/apps/smart-devices

-mentors guides
-rapid growth strategies

hack this life

basically I know theres money out there etc.. so ive allready created my 100 000 000 ideas for success,
and most importantly mastered a powerful process of creation.. its only the scale that changes..

dare to say ive got about
100 solid ideas - making all the cash, attracting all the cash, turning over all the cash
1000 support link associations
1000 best creatives and suppliers

im a self made man!!! - now i just need to go out there and sell my inventions,
but i need someone to help me to do it.. so ill sell some to you first maybe>??
cs trust me you will like it..

hence I want to help guide bournemouth with some white guide light hehhe.. cs i got lots!
cs i love it and i dont like people abusing my town. all these drunk stagdue pricks..
every nice town ive lived in theres drunken pricks making trouble.. i say ban selling more alcohol than xx units!
done.. simple.. how much u had? 5 drinks..? no more thats it. but nah clubs, councils, goverment,
they want this shit to sell dont they.. yeeeh.. mdma and weed !!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!! DRUUUUGS HOW DARE YOU ARGHH!!!
jesus fucking christ.. such a scam.. and waste of taxpayers money.. WAR ON DRUGS! whats the POINT!
WAR ON ALCOHOL MAYBE NOW? I dont mind paying 25 quid for a botttle of rose...
i mind when my kids r gonna go to the booze shop and drink FROSTY jacks... loaded with all the worst chems..
killing off development.. mdma and weed dont chemically erase your brain.. other way around..
booze however makes u into a stupid prick - FACT!

The terrible dismay of a young leader who plans a great and powerful new era only to find himself dealing with old and weak faults
is attributable not to his "foolish ambition" or "lack of reality" but to his lack of organizational know-how.

10/11/12 12:23 am

.. i remember when i first stayed in this flat i thought the windows remind me of some distant novel,
where the poet moved into the room and did hes work by the window...
They are very tall and bathe the room in golden sunlight bliss..
i live here now and for my visual poetry , this place, this room couldn't make me more happier and content.,

9/27/12 09:49 pm

im in mutual love with two amazing girls.. one is here one is not here..
and neither of them its considered a relationship.
i feel lucky.. and im grateful of course.

5/13/12 01:07 am

She loved the location, he loved the thought of being with her. Love laughter and happiness.

4/8/12 11:50 pm


Such a melody...! could keep sharing this on and on

3/9/12 12:53 pm

dark days

1/18/12 05:08 am

going through the good times as well as shit times
i have been making choices that have defined me at the time.

Being self made broke, packing stuff to move to a new place,. I have realized
that you cannot buy happiness with stuff like clothes, watches shoes etc.
You cannot buy yourself into someone you're not.

Also when times are tough there is nothing like having your friends around.
Thats when you appreciate them the most. Dont forget that feeling.

1/15/12 07:36 pm

praying for strength right now!
this year is going to be raw survival...

need a job desperately!

12/30/11 01:53 pm

“When I’m sad I just stop being sad and be awesome instead!” :))

12/24/11 04:29 am

Citiem iesaku

Runā. Spēlē. Dari. Radi. Smaidi. Dzīvo. Mīli. Veido. Tiecies. Sāc. Mirdzi. Dziedi. Raksti. Dejo. Ierosini. Sasniedz. Pārsteidz. Iedvesmo.

10/26/11 01:40 pm

The terrible dismay of a young leader who plans a great and powerful new era only to find himself dealing with old and weak faults
is attributable not to his "foolish ambition" or "lack of reality" but to his lack of organizational know-how.

10/24/11 04:29 pm

been an awfully long time since ive sent anyone flowers :)

10/22/11 03:31 am

"We are the leaves of one branch,
the drops of one sea, the flowers of one garden."
- (Jean Baptiste Henry Lacordaire)

10/15/11 01:42 am

flowers (:

10/14/11 06:57 am

im in love with that image and illusion of her with me.
that feeling that we would be a one of a kind couple... ehh..

i need to set long term goals,
to test and achieve that.
you can reach out and get it. just need to reach!! every day!!

10/11/11 12:30 am

Spreadsheets are the original killer apps!!

10/10/11 12:10 am

have a baby by me be a millionaire.

10/9/11 03:49 am

we will meet again. till then ill work hard and harder and I will be ready next time around.
cocktease lol

10/9/11 03:20 am

so what now..?

10/2/11 10:55 pm

like 50 said. get rich or die tryin.
Time to make it rain!

10/2/11 04:28 am

student finance is iiin da house!!! fuck yeah:P

9/29/11 03:35 am

yess. bout time i start putting local photographers out of business.

9/23/11 02:47 am

totally focused on taking it to the next level.
this year is gonna be a killing in all playing fields.

9/20/11 03:10 am

now if I wanna get high I exercise.
works great.

9/4/11 10:01 pm

“An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching.”

8/16/11 03:34 am

Thank you subconscious and thank you Google for http://managementhelp.org

8/3/11 05:10 am

close your eyes open your mind.

7/17/11 04:58 am

i feel i need to get out of here. this house these strange
people around me I dont want to be living together.
Living in a party house is not for me at all.
I need too much personal space for peace of mind,
for not getting lost in the social sorroundings
that I don't even belong to. Before changing the sorroundings
though do try and change yourself. Set yourself terms
with your free time including social life and how you want to spend it.

spend it on hours long sleeping not wanting to get up just to face
the day simply cos youve had too much weed drink or other stuff the other day?
Thats weak. I look at people snorting drinking and smoking
everything there is to offer just chasing that ultimate high.
Getting fucked off theyr tits is the only objective.
Its sad when everyone elses perception of a party is just that.

If there is someone who knows and believes that there is more to life
it should be me. Life is beautiful when its beautifully managed.

Excercise takes me out of this shithole and keeps me focused on objectives
which need a review as well as a week hard toll with no nights out.


Its me and myself. I need to get to the right path direction and balance in the future year
and everything will go up. I need to excercise and need to pick my game up.
Thats why Im here. Im living the dream now!! Make use of it!

7/17/11 04:48 am

psc kā man pietrūkst normālu cilvēku! arghh

7/17/11 03:44 am

aaaah just wanna be alone!
too many random people in my life.

7/9/11 02:36 am

šobrīd esmu aizmaldijies savā pašsajūtā.
esmu pazudis atkal uz brīdi.
Nedēļas sākums pēc dz d ir sācies
ar jauniem un jauniem sūdiem.

vajag savākties, vajag pabūt klusumā,
pasportot, padarboties un atgūt mieriņu..

6/29/11 06:04 am

ive got THE most exciting bday travel plan ever.
see if it works the way i expect it :P
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