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    Sunday, May 10th, 2020
    9:34 pm
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    Monday, May 20th, 2019
    11:24 am
    Free DAW bundle complete
    Dead duck VST
    Sunday, May 19th, 2019
    1:58 pm
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    Monday, April 1st, 2019
    3:24 pm
    You2Toys Easy Rider
    Sunday, June 24th, 2018
    2:41 pm
    Holy Grail of Cum Load Increase

    This seems to be a point of interest for many people here. I know one of my main goals in performing PE exercises was to improve sexual health. Along with that was to increase the intensity of my orgasm and ejaculate. While I quickly discovered that Kegels could help generate more power behind my orgasm, I haven’t (thus far anyway) been able to find an actual exercise that increased orgasm intensity and load size.

    So, I started testing supplements. This took awhile but I finally have complete results.

    I gave the following supplements individually 3 weeks of continued use and then recorded each one’s effectiveness. I jerked off every other day (20 minutes of edging) and maintained a similar diet and water intake to the best of my ability. For health purposes, I only followed the recommended dosage with each supplement.

    1. L-Arginine: 1000mg Strength. Taken 1 time daily. Total = 1000mg
    Increase Orgasm Intensity: NO
    Increase Amount of Cum: NO
    Positives From Taking: It may have increased erection firmness
    Any Ill Side Effects: None

    2. L-Lysine: 1000mg Strength. Taken 1 time daily. Total = 1000mg
    Increase Orgasm Intensity: NO
    Increase Amount of Cum: NO
    Positives From Taking: Nothing that I am aware of
    Any Ill Side Effects: Minor – Light-headed 30 minutes after taking for about 10 minutes.

    3. Korean Ginseng: 500mg Strength. Taken 2 times daily. Total = 1000mg
    Increase Orgasm Intensity: NO
    Increase Amount of Cum: NO
    Positives From Taking: Nothing that I am aware of
    Any Ill Side Effects: Major – On 6 separate occasions, I developed terrible headaches.

    4. Zinc: 50mg Strength. Taken 1 time daily. Total = 50mg
    Increase Orgasm Intensity: NO
    Increase Amount of Cum: YES – Somewhat Noticeable
    Positives From Taking: Somewhat noticeable increase in my cum amount
    Any Ill Side Effects: None

    5. Pygeum: 100mg Strength. Taken 2 times daily. Total = 200mg
    Increase Orgasm Intensity: NO
    Increase Amount of Cum: YES – Definitely Noticeable
    Positives From Taking: Definite increase in cum amount, greatly increased pre-cum
    Any Ill Side Effects: None

    6. Maca: 450mg Strength. Taken 3 times daily. Total = 1350mg
    Increase Orgasm Intensity: NO
    Increase Amount of Cum: NO
    Positives From Taking: It may have made me hornier
    Any Ill Side Effects: Minor – This stuff definitely made me dizzy

    7. Lecithin: 1200mg Strength. Taken 1 time daily. Total = 1200mg
    Increase Orgasm Intensity: YES
    Increase Amount of Cum: YES
    Positives From Taking: Much much bigger loads. Amazing increase in orgasm intensity
    Any Ill Side Effects: None

    These results prompted me to do one more test. I tested all of the supplements that I saw good results with as a supplement stack. Lecithin, Pygeum, Zinc, and I added L-Arginine. I kept the same dosage with each supplement and tested this stack for 3 weeks.

    And I have discovered the holy grail of orgasms.

    The Cum Holy Grail
    (1) L-Arginine, 1000mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 1000mg
    (2) Zinc, 50mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 50mg
    (3) Pygeum, 100mg Strength, Taken 2 times daily = 200mg
    (4) Lecithin, 1200mg Strength, Taken 1 time daily = 1200mg

    As a side note: After being on Pygeum for 5 straight weeks now, I leak pre-cum like a damn faucet. This stuff definitely activates the Cowper’s gland.
    Thursday, October 29th, 2015
    8:18 pm
    I'm bringing you here a guide written by a guy named Pieter. It was published a few years ago at a site which is no longer exist.

    Things you may find useful to have at hand

    => Bed

    => Two or three pillows, or a rolled up duvet
    => Elastic belt, the type used for holding up trousers
    => Cock ring
    => Tissues

    Preparation - 4 hours before

    Drink plenty of fluids. We don't want to dehydrate later on when we are involved with what we are doing. Also later on we don't want excess liquid in our stomach.

    Preparation - 2 hours before

    Stop drinking and eating. Two hours is long enough to get food and liquids out of your stomach. Without a full stomach it's possible to bend further, and without liquids there's nothing to sick up when you're inverted.

    Preparation - 0 hours

    If it's cold, turn up the heat in the room you are going to be stretching in so it will be cosy without any clothes on.

    Take care to make sure you will not be interrupted during your stretching. Draw curtains, lock doors etc.

    Run a nice hot bath

    Relax in the hot bath for a few minutes, as submerged as you can be. Back, shoulder and neck muscles are important here. The water should be nice and hot too. This will help you to be more flexible. If you like, while in the bath do some stretches just to limber up. I hold my feet between my legs (legs bent) and stretch forward trying to lick my feet. After 15 minutes or so of relaxing and stretching get out of the bath. Leave the water in case you want to pop back in the bath later. It's a nice way to wind down again. Dry off and put on some underwear.

    Let the stretching begin

    Lie down on your bed with your legs over the bottom edge. Flip back and up into the plough position. That is to say, roll back until your neck and head are the only things touching the bed, then lower your legs down so they are touching the bed somewhere further up from your bed. For those unfamiliar this is best described with an illustration (look for "Hal-asana" position in yoga).

    At this point my penis is usually still a couple of inches away from the reach of my tongue. I find it's good to keep underwear on at this stage while you're stretching. It keeps me focused on stretching and also prevents stray pubic hairs from falling into my mouth. Well, that was before I shaved at least.

    Step A - Using you hands, grip your butt, and gently pull it towards your

    face. Start off very gently when doing this. Hold full stretch for a few seconds each time. When releasing from full stretch do it slowly. Quickly coming out of poses can cause injury!
    Relax for a short while, then repeat. I usually do this cycle just a few times. You will find that you are getting closer to your penis. Come out of the pose. That is to say, slowly release your legs back down so you are lying on your back.

    Step B - Change position on the bed. This can take a number of forms.

    Sometimes I simply move up the bed about 6 inches. Other times I will place a pillow under my head. Note: pillows should go longways and not side to side on the bed! Depending on what is at the top of your bed, moving further up or down the bed will change the position of your feet. If you are positioned further down the bed, you legs will likely be fully extended. The further up the bed you go, the less room your legs have and they will end up bent, like this

    By adding a pillow under your head, you are simply varying the engle of attack. A pillow under your head will beck your neck more. If you place a pillow under your shoulders, your neck will bend less. This lets you play around with what gets stretched the most, back or neck. Once you have a new position, go back to step A and stretch in that position. Now step B again. Either move up or down the bed, add, shift or remove pillows. Repeat step A again. By going through this step A - B cycle you're stretching very nicely, and soon you may find that you can just lick the tip of your penis with your tongue. Don't worry if you can't reach yet. It takes practice.

    Some use the "walking down the wall" in which you bring your feet over your head and placed them on the wall, then slowly walked down, getting your penis closer towards your mouth.

    Now we're fully warmed up and can stretch with a littel more force. Go easy though. We don't want to hurt ourselves. A strained back takes months to come right, during which you will not be able to suck yourself, so be warned! Don't drink anything either. If you drink then try the plough position, it's likely you will be sick over yourself.

    If your penis is a littel soft, a cock ring can help. There is a tendancy for the penis to go soft when is the plough position.

    At this point I find it useful to start piling up a number of pillows under my head and/or shoulders. This suits me because I have very long thighs. This is also the reason to put the pillows longways. With three or four pillows, or a rolled up duvet, my head is nicely supported above the bed and my knees can still rest on the bed unobstructed by the pillows.

    People with shorter thighs find they can get away without pillows, and their penis will be within reach. If I do that, my penis is still a long way off, hence it's necessary to raise the head somewhat. Repeat step A, and B a little. I'm generally moving up the bed as on my bed I can hook my feet under the headboard, and actually use them to help force my hips/butt towards my face.

    At this stage I'm getting some pretty good penetration, and can lick around the head. If I'm feeling up to it, I can help stretch further using an elastic belt. Fasten the belt so it goes behind your neck and around your butt. Having an adjustable one is good as it lets you adjust the amount of pressure. After doing this I find I can get my lips around the head of my penis, and even apply some pressure to the underside of the head of my penis. This usually results in me getting a raging hard-on. The aroma is also nice, and being able to lick the pre-cum directly is very nice indeed.

    At this point I find I've stretched about as far as I can, so it's either continue in this position, or change. Skip to the next section if you want to change positions.

    A new position

    I find that if I now go back to the original position, without pillows or any other assistance, I can get a different view on my penis, and even let it hang there so I can smell the muskiness. With the angle this position offers I can also lick down the
    shaft about half way. That's nice too. Sometimes it's nice to cum in this position too, though once again you're comitted to taking it all, full force at close quarters.

    I find this position nice if I don't want to take my whole load into my mouth. By licking the head, and maybe using one hand to stroke myself I find I get a very stiff hard-on. If you want to try another position, skip to the next section.

    When I am about to cum, I keep my mouth open. The white stuff shoots, and some cum shoots inside my mouth. Quite a lot dribbles out again, and of course all the rest ends up dribbling down my penis, which can be a bit messy. Good for a quick taste though!

    Something I tried before I was flexible enough to suck myself was to obtain a short piece of rubber tubing. About three inches long, and narrow enough to fit snugly into the end of my penis. The other end would go in my mouth, and this way when I came all the cum would go into my mouth.

    Lying down

    If I want a bit more in my mouth than in the sitting position then lying down is a good way to do it. It means I can also get a reasonable amount of penis in my mouth, though the angle isn't quite right for licking and sucking on the underside.
    The extra hardness of the erection is worth it though.

    It's amazing to stroke a hard penis in this position, the head in your own mouth. As I near orgasm, I hold my tongue under the head (the upperside of the head in this position) and stroke vigerously.


    The white stuff shoots, and I've either swallowed or it's been wiped up. What now? Remember the bath? Add more hot water and hop back in. This will really help with any pains you might have from stretching.

    To summarise, there are plenty of variations on the basic theme. It's just up to you to find the fun ones! Remember to stretch slowly and take it easy. Just think, one day you might be able to do this


    Note that the amount of penis I can get in my mouth varies. When I first start stretching I'm about two inches away from the tip. After a few minutes I'm relaxed enough after stretching in the plough position to be able to lick the tip of the head. After maybe another hour I can get the head in my mouth. That's in the plough position. If I swap to lying on my back I can lick all around the head, but can't get the whole head in. If I'm sitting down, I can lick part of the head. If I'm standing up, I can barely lick the tip. That should give you some idea of which positions are the best to try.

    I have been practising autofellatio on and off for over ten years now. I first tried it when I was a young teen. I still remember the time I first licked the head of my penis. I also remember one of the first times I came in my mouth. My brother had rented a porn film the day before and there was nobody home. I was watching the film in the lounge and decided to try sucking myself as I watched the film. Of course in the plough position, in the middle of the lounge room floor is an awkward position, but I still remember it. I was there stroking myself, the porn actress in the film milking some guy dry, as my own youthful milky white cream shot into my own mouth and slipped down my throat.

    Since then I have had periods when I've stopped self-sucking. Usually when I have a girlfriend LOL. Recently though I've started again, and I'm keep to aspire to the level of Al. :-)

    My personal experience is that when I first started self-sucking my penis was hard all the time. After many years I still find it a turn on, but not as much as initially. Quite often in the plough position I end up sucking on a semi-flaccid penis. The interesting thing is that if I then swap to a non-inverted position, I go very hard. So I tend to limber up in the plough position then swap to lying on my

    back, or sitting down for the last part.

    => Be careful, using this techniques is on your own responsibility
    Monday, June 17th, 2013
    8:15 am
    nosapju modernu biroju ēku, kur var mīzt sienā, siena uzsūc urīnu un tas lejā notek pa trubām
    Friday, December 16th, 2011
    11:07 am
    bļeeģ cik skaista vecene es hujeju
    Tuesday, November 30th, 2010
    3:59 pm
    Thursday, April 22nd, 2010
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    Monday, February 8th, 2010
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    Tuesday, November 17th, 2009
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    šod saulīte
    Friday, August 21st, 2009
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