Fri, May. 20th, 2005, 12:24 am
[info]balozhi: nolādētās 12 klases!

Šodien veidoju 41 rozi no krepapīra!Noskatījos Sin city, diezgan foršiņi,ideāla romantika, vispār mīlīgi;)Domāju par Six days videoklipu un Hooverphonic-Renaissance affair!
Komiski rīt 4stundas,bet es rakstu 5kontroldarbus.Gribu bouncy...bouncy!!!La Salsa Sweet relief calms me down
Makes me drown
Lost and found
Neighbours complain
Sheets are stained
Hotel shower
The best around
Spacing from Paris to New York
Silver sunglasses
Silver phone
Connect us to someone
Who doesn't know
About these feelings we can't control
People they want us to fall down
But we won't ever
Touch the ground

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