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16th May 2018

7:36pm: Krišjānis tic raganām un burvjiem, ahujeķ i plakaķ. Nevis tam triviālajam faktam ka ir cilvēki, kas sevi uzskata par raganām un burvjiem bet tam ka viņi REĀLI VAR LIETAS.


15th February 2018


8th February 2018

4:31pm: Raganu medību sezona, bļeģ.

3rd February 2018

1:22am: Viela pārdomām

21st January 2018

7:58pm: Skaitļi ir sociāli konstrukti un lielo balto rasistu rīki!


3rd January 2018


Šaut Kimu varētu bet nav jēgas, tur uz viņa posteni stāv rindā tikai tādi paši kā viņš.

21st November 2017

3:00pm: "The blank slateist, social constructionist, postmodernist view of human nature only persists because it operates as an ideology, similar to a religion. There is no evidence that would convince the acolytes that they might be wrong. The current evidence can't do the trick, because "evidence" is just another construction to them. Their "academia" is no more than self-justified activism, dressed up in the veneer of scholarship. I recently saw a Facebook post that chastised academics for confusing their scholarship for activism, with the implication that they should engage in more activism. I sat there, horrified at the notion that these people believe that their "academia" is insufficiently activist.

Academia has transformed into activism and dogma. No longer is it about honest inquiry, asking questions, and seeking the truth. It has transformed into a vehicle by which activists try to mold the world as they see fit, and vigorously punish all viewpoints but the accepted one. In their quest to seek the ultimate diversity, they've enforced the ultimate homogeneity of thought and expression. In their quest to achieve "progress" in the world and their disciplines, they've achieved astonishing intellectual stagnation and cultural stasis. Progressive activism has completely hijacked epistemology through the dilution of words that previously had specific and technical meanings. There's definitely a difference between schools that have blown with the political winds, and schools that have redoubled their commitment to honest scholarship. I know that the discrepancy is caused by the "social constructionist" views that these people have. But this is evidence for how widespread, mainstream, and accepted these terrible views are, and evidence for how dangerous it is to let these ideas go unchallenged in academia. I'm mostly worried about what's going to happen to STEM disciplines at those hyper-leftist enclaves."

12th November 2017

7:16pm: Donalds Tramps, ASV prezidents. Tas ir līmenis par ko nav pat iespējams paņirgāties. :/

9th November 2017

9:25pm: Ziniet, kas ir pats labākais? Nekas no šī visa tāpat nav svarīgs.

1:59pm: Komisārs dzēš bet interneti atceras. No http://klab.lv/users/jebalaitung/1423797.html

5th November 2017


3rd November 2017

10:36pm: "No miljoniem nokauto cilvēki bija tikai pusotri...jo visi pārējie bija neticīgie kas nav vairāk vērti kā zvēri."

Kristieši? Musulmaņi? Nē, šoreiz budisti.

6th September 2017

10:15am: "Here’s how you play (the PC Game):

First, you identify a domain of human endeavor. It could be the wealth of people within a society. It could be the psychological well-being of individuals within a given organization. It could be the prowess of school children at a particular sport.
Second, you note the inevitable continuum of success. Some people are richer or happier than others. Some children are better at playing volleyball.
Third, you define those doing comparatively better as oppressors of those doing comparatively worse.
Fourth, and finally, you declare solidarity with the latter, and enmity for the former (now all-too-convenient targets for your resentment and hatred).
You have now established your moral superiority, cost-free, and can trumpet it at will."


27th June 2017


(http://klab.lv/users/gnidrologs/189653.html, http://archive.is/KhPB9)

Lai cik cēli nebūtu mērķi un pārliecības, vai kkas šāds gadījumā nav aizliegts? Jautāju ne retoriski, jo es vienmēr esmu sapratis runas brīvību kā "var visu pēc kārtas līdz brīdim, kamēr burtiski neaicini burtiski slepkavot konkrētus cilvēkus".

25th May 2017

5:22pm: Sarežģīts jautājums par būtisko


Kā jums liekas, kas varētu būt motivējis šī teksta autoru?

9th May 2017

6:37pm: Tramps pret zinātni, otrais dublis.

Labi, ka francūži jau ir sākuši aicināt pie sevis uzmestos pētniekus no štatiem. Jācer, ka ķīnieši sāks darīt to pašu.

1st May 2017


29th April 2017

1:03am: Politika ir grūta
"Trump says he thought being president would be easier than his old life"

Tas pamazām paliek par Trampa tēmu. "Nezināju, ka veselības aprūpe ir sarežģīta", "nezināju, ka starpvalstu attiecības ir sarežģītas", zīmējumā redzams, ko nozīmē līst par pasaules lielvalsts vadītāju ar apaļu nulli politikas pieredzē. Tas protams netraucē pārējo laiku iedomāties no sevis ģēniju un turpināt sapist situāciju.

19th April 2017

3:45pm: Fakti un izvedumi
9:44am: Proporcionāla atbilde uz mikroagresijām ir mikroaizvainojums.

7th April 2017

10:05pm: Hilarija solīja militāras akcijas Sīrijā, tāpēc bija jābalso par Trampu

22nd March 2017

7:58am: Nesakiet, ka es par idiotiem saucu tikai krišjāņus. Tikpat liels idiotisms ir redzams laukuma otrā malā.

"Throughout her dissertation, Parson assumes and asserts that women and minorities are uniquely challenged by the idea that science can provide objective information about the natural world. This is an unfair assumption, she says, because the concept of objectivity is too hard for women and minorities to understand. “[N]otions of absolute truth and a single reality” are “masculine,” she says, referring to poststructuralist feminist theory."


Un stulbumu kā parasti pavada reliģija, atkal abās laukuma malās, ar katrai laukuma malai raksturīgajām īpatnībām.


1st March 2017

12:49pm: Kill god
Ja tā padomā, "starojošais ateisms" ir diezgan laba frāze.

28th February 2017


Zagts no mindbound

25th February 2017

1:01am: Trampisti esot par runas brīvību. Acīmredzot viņu interpretācijā tas nozīmē "bet ne preses brīvību".


Kaut kur liekas redzēta situācija ar valsts oficiāli atļauto presi un pagrīdes avīzēm.
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