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Informācija par lietotāju
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Lietotājs:mockingbird (11194) mockingbird
Don't come mocking!
How I could just kill a bird?
Vārds:Mimus polyglottos
Atrodas:Monroeville, Alabama, United States
Dzimšanas diena:1932-05-01
Bio:The Mocking Bird is regarded as the chief of songsters, for in addition to his remarkable powers of imitation, he is without a rival in variety of notes. The Brown Thrasher is thought by many to have a sweeter song, and one equally vigorous, but there is a bold brilliancy in the performance of the Mocker that is peculiarly his own, and which has made him par excellence the forest extemporizer of vocal melody. About this of course there will always be a difference of opinion, as in the case of the human melodists.

Very useful is he, eating large spiders and grasshoppers, and the destructive cottonworm.

John van der Linden, the author of the Eastern Birding Central FAQ, says that 25 to 50 percent of the e-mail questions he receives are about how to deal with annoying mockingbirds.
Intereses:6: animal sounds, calls of other birds, machine noises, maple, sweetgum, sycamore. [Pamainīt savējās]
People6:domburs, katlakalns, shnjabis, tominja_opiitis, zdanoka, zizii
Mutual Friends:1: shnjabis
Also Friend of:1: suudgraavis
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