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Lietotājs:khosmos (40989) khosmos
Atrodas:Arboreal Nothingness, USSR (former)
Dzimšanas diena:08-09
Bio:Mastery of the mind is the aim
Systems exist within systems
Knowledge of the archetypal nature of perceivable reality is a key resource for a greater outlook
You end where you don't crave anymore
The cyclical nature of the world is self-evident, however, the cycle only has a purpose within bigger systems, if there is input.

Aegis Aethernis
Karaliskais mežonis un viltus anonimitāte
Lucy Ferrum
Omegatrona piezīmes


Ģertrūde revisited

The things you inmost crave
shall make a beautiful grave

"A blast from the past! This is cold!" /Fenrir/

I no longer want to die
Take a leap of faith

The Animalistic Throne of the Monarch is divided in 4 parts:
Leo: (8) The Strength
Dragon: (21) The World
Falcon: (12) The Hanged Man
Fox: (5) The Hierophant

=hosted by the omnipowerful Sacred Sites tarot set from Lo Scarabeo=

Any power tool is designed in one piece and only works with the correct intent. Any attempt to break the rule is punished according to the laws of the multitude of kingdoms, queendoms and republics of the multiverse. The microverse sits at rest here.

NB! This profile (unlike the one on Facebook) serves one single purpose - as a portable, ever-present notebook to write rhymes and avoid mistakes IRL. Demonology (which is a different name for "phenomenology", according to every philosopher or alchemist, who was/is not a total dimwit) is a method for classification of phenomena of the mind or, let's say, the ego. Denial of one side of the multidimensional figure, which is consciousness, leads to disfunction in other areas. I think, even Freud got that point, although, he was probably utterly obsessed with sex.
Atmiņas:2 ieraksti
Intereses:19: algoritmi, askētisma estētika, bruce lee, kapi, krēsla, kvalitātes kontrole, kvantitātes kontrole, lych wave, okkvltisms, perfekzionisms, pilnmēness, pirmskaitļi, pārmaiņu vēji, retro, tumši rituāli, vecā pasaules kārtība, vieliska proporcionalitāte, vilkači, ģeometrija. [Pamainīt savējās]
People42:217, _raagas, _zeme, aborigens, acdc, adinkra, ago, amalie, artis, begemots, brimstone, brr, dombrava, elfeja, feita_kleita, feofansjah, fjokla, gaia, ingmars, kihelkonna, klusais_okeans, laba_doma, lenora, linguistica, mansgan, marianna, miglajs, mirdzums, nebukadnecars, phz, punkts, roterdama, rudais_rudens, rugetta, safe, saturday, sprungulss, svesinieks, totentanz, vizionars, zilais_putns, zinukanezinu
Communities9:darbs, dziivo_te, muzons, n_komentari, naaves_studija, pa_leeto, pajautaa, sc_news, vajag
Esmu draugs:42: _raagas, _zeme, adeptusvirtus, adinkra, ago, amalie, art_sua, artis, begemots, br_shtr, brimstone, cosmo_shiva, dombrava, elfeja, feita_kleita, feofansjah, gaia, ingmars, kihelkonna, lenora, likewise, linguistica, marianna, miglajs, mirdzums, nebukadnecars, phz, piss_lips, punkts, roterdama, rudais_rudens, safe, saturday, shiva_blond, sonjka, sprungulss, teiksma_ragana, totentanz, unpy, vizionars, zilais_putns, zinukanezinu
Ņemās iekš:6: darbs, dziivo_te, n_komentari, pa_leeto, pajautaa, vajag
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